Coordinador Eléctrico Nacional

Coordinador Electrico Nacional (CEN) is an organization that serves Chile with energy, providing information about the Sistema Eléctrico Nacional (SEN), which is the national electric system of Chile. The organization also provides information about energy generation and production of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power.

As a UX lead, i was responsible for the redesign of the website.

UX Lead

November 2022 – February 2023

Understanding the problem.

The Coordinador Electrico Nacional (CEN) website was in dire need of a redesign. The previous version of the website was convoluted, lacked clarity, and had an outdated user interface. Over the years, the website – which runs on top of the WordPress architecture- had been patched together, leading to a confusing and difficult-to-navigate experience for users.

A complex build

The complexity of the website made it challenging to maintain and update from an administrative perspective, since the custom theme the website was using had not been maintained properly, creating all kinds of logistic problems.

Getting everyone on board

To complicate matters further, the large size of the organization meant that getting all stakeholders on board with the redesign was a significant challenge.

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Previous Version of CEN Homepage
In this scenario, our job as a team was to redesign the user interface and provide support for the developmet team to help them implement the new design.

The Solution.

Communication is key

Our approach to addressing these challenges involved regular collaboration and communication with the key stakeholders. We held meetings twice a week with one of the directors who was put in charge of leading the redesign efforts and his team. During these meetings, i presented the design changes we were working on, allowing for direct feedback and input from the decision-makers.

We came into the project not having to start from scratch. About a year earlier a consulting firm had made a few things we use as a base, like user personas, user journeys, and the information arquitecture.



While that was a bit constraining -we couldn’t do our own research- we used what was there and built on top. We then went ahead and built wireframes and prototypes, working alongside the organizations’ leadership; Our approach to addressing the challenges involved -like i said above- regular collaboration and communication with the key stakeholders.


Our team then focused on creating a new, streamlined design that prioritized user experience and clear navigation. I realized we needed to make changes around the information architecture, so we transitioned from  a department-driven structure to a theme-driven structure, using drop down menus to consolidate the information.


Once prototypes were OKed, we´d work with the developers to start implementing the design. This way of working kept us moving forward real fast, because we were in constant, daily communication with them. My rol there was to support the work of the devs regarding HTML and CSS.


Research showed users were having a hard time finding the information they required, so in addition to modifying the AI we decluttered the interface, ensuring proper visual hierarchy and that the most important information was easily accessible.

Additionally, i led the development of a design system that provided consistent UI elements and a cohesive color scheme.  This system is meant to grow and consolidate the design around the website and the apps moving forward and it wasn’t originally considered as part of the process, but it was well received by leadership, so it was included.

The Results

The redesigned CEN website was officialy released to general public on March 29th, and so far it’s been met with positive feedback from both users and stakeholders.
As it usually happens, the design was not implemented exactly as it was designed, but we got pretty close, partially because we worked alongside developers from day one.
We also met some resistance from stakeholders who were reluctant to include some of the ideas we were introducing, but for the most part we were able to meet in the middle; having constant feedback and the opportunity to defend our work made all the difference.

The new design has improved the overall user experience by offering a more intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface with a modern visual appeal; we expect it to be a much more useful source of information for the users.

“He brought all of his experience and value.
The client is very satisfied with the work done”