Liberating Creativity: A consolidated workspace for Designers

Unlock your creative potential with a private, powerful environment for composing, collaborating on and perfecting AI-generated art. Discover new creative heights without the headaches of public chats.

The Discord experience for generating AI artworks is messy, disorganized and inefficient. Designers spend too much time navigating public chats, responding to unrelated messages and re-explaining generation parameters with each new job. Key contextual information gets lost, and there is no central place to review or refine past successes. Collaboration feels haphazard rather than empowering.

This disjointed process stunts creativity and reduces productivity, preventing designers from exploring new concepts or perfecting their craft. There seemed to be no simple, elegant solution…until now.

As an excercsise a reimagined the Midjourney Dashboard to include a section where jobs are created and managed. This specialized workspace provides a private, persistent environment for designers to compose jobs, review past results, build reusable templates, and get targeted tips from AI experts.

With this solution, designers can plan thoughtful generation “sessions” rather than reacting in real-time chats. Context is preserved across jobs so key learnings are never lost. Template features allow rapid iteration on proven successes.