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This is José, hailing from the sunny beaches of Viña del Mar, Chile.
I started delving into the world of web design when tables ruled the earth
and Dreamweaver was owned by Macromedia. (Fireworks, we miss you!).
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Some time ago, Shashi Lo, a software engineer from Microsoft posed the following question on twitter:

“Why Should i hire you?”

That got me thinking.

Why would anyone want to work with me if they don’t know me? How can I convince them that I’m the right choice? The answer i gave Sashi is the same I’d give to anyone considering working with me:

• I’m a team player.
• I have many years of experience.
• I can effectively communicate and defend my work and that of my team to leadership and peers.
• I’m a problem solver.
• I understand there’s a need to find the intersection between biz goals and user needs.

Sounds good, but, what does that actually means?

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